About Us

The Parisian Macaron:

Everyone needs a challenge, and this is mine!

Baking the perfect macaron is an art and a science and, despite the simplicity of the ingredients, this delightful, sweet treat presents even the most accomplished bakers and pastry chefs with frustrating challenges.

From humble beginnings in my kitchen, The Real Macaron Company now pops up at various culinary venues, in Hamble and Southampton, Hampshire and Newbury, Berkshire, offering macaron masterclasses as well as other exciting baking workshops, for both adults and children. Especially for  Coronavirus lockdown we are creating a series of "Short and Sweet" baking vidoes which can be found on our FaceBook page and on YouTube 

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY2okQ-aFzGauO2AkuzuKYw/ "

For weddings and events, we offer bespoke creations, from macaron towers, to favours and gift boxes.

Despite having lived in France, and studying and teaching French for many years, the Parisian macaron somehow passed me by. 


I remember coconut macaroons  - pyramid-shaped and overly sweet – that, along with flapjacks, caramel slices and chocolate crispy cakes, were the teatime treats of my childhood, but the delicious, delicate and delightfully pretty almond sort were a new-found pleasure.


What started out as a cursory, maternal interest in my daughter’s culinary endeavours has spiraled into a passion to create perfect macarons!​