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Irish cream macarons - a well deserved January treat!

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

I know it's January - and likelihood is that you have chosen a dry, plant-based, low calorie or super active existence ( or, good luck to you, perhaps all of the above!) for this month of self-imposed penance for all the excesses of December. However, we are already halfway through the long 31days - so I'm sure everyone deserves a small treat - just to boost the resolve to get us through to the end.

Irish cream is one of those essentials on my Christmas grocery list - everybody's favourite, I am ensured - but, despite all best efforts, come January 1st we always have a fair amount left over and obviously it languishes in the fridge as we deny ourselves anything remotely creamy, alcoholic or calorific! So creating a macaron that might help towards using it up - and I do hate waste - was the obvious answer.

The result was a very grown up macaron - combining a delectable coffee-flavoured macaron shell with a velvety, finger-licking white chocolate and Irish cream ganache! Relax and enjoy with a flat white - or a sneaky Irish cream coffee - delicious! Worth waiting for if you're determined to see the month through under penitential conditions!

Learn how to make the perfect macaron on one of our fun and informative macaron masterclasses. Hope to see you soon!

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